Site Crawling by John Kerry

Today, I found an interesting log line in the access logs of my website:
..."" "Paid for by John Kerry"...
He seems to be the first candidate who uses internet technologies beyond a plain website. My guess, the guys around him setup a crawler that searches through weblogs and automatically includes links to them, if the content is related to John Kerry. Pretty smart! By the way, I think he will be a good president and he can change some things. I would vote for him, if I could ;-)

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Wikipedia - Your knowledge counts

Are you looking for a free encyclopedia on the net? Have you ever tried Wikipedia? You should!
Everyone can contribute to this online encyclopedia. Do you know anything special? Post it! Have you found a mistake in the content of the encyclopedia? Fix it! Everybody is invited to contribute content and to use the content. Give it a try today!

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My mission, Mozilla for all mankind

Strike! I have successfully convinced another user of the advantages of a modern, reliable, fast, and secure browser - Mozilla 1.6.
Have I ever mentioned that standard compliant browsers are great and a real blessing?! No, I should have!

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Bizex Worm

So, wie schon gestern erwähnt, verbreitet sich gerade ein Virus via ICQ. Hier mehr Infos in Englisch und Deutsch

Ganz wichtig ist, sich endlich des Standard-ICQ Softwarepaketes von ICQ selbst zu entledigen und auf z.B. Miranda zu wechseln.

Und vielleicht hatte ich es noch nicht erwähnt ;-), laßt den Internet Explorer links liegen, das Ding ist Schrott und eines der größten Risikos auf der Festplatte.

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Trojaner placed via Website

Today I got an ICQ message from a friend containing an URL. Because I trusted this friend I opened it. Bad mistake. The Firefox browser did not have any problems, but I could not see the page (bad design), therefore I took the Internet Explorer 6.0. This was a fatal mistake.
Suddenly a help window was opened and that is a good indication of an attack. See this Heise Security Warning for further information.

Please accept this small tip: Do not use the IE if not absolutely necessary, it is a big security hole, even with the latest patches. Prefer for example Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, or Netscape. Good websites support all browsers!

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